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Linda Hudson Gains Endorsement from BRAND NEW COUNCIL

Dear Linda,

First, I want to congratulate you on running a truly grassroots campaign; a campaign centered on the community and a campaign focused on bringing real change to the 8th Ward. For too long, we have watched the Aldermen across the city of Chicago vote against equitable funding for public schools, promote the increase of military-style police presence in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and place a priority of being friends with the Mayor versus uplifting community voices.

We need candidates who will fight back and will stand for working-class families, push back on corruption, and organize inside, as well as outside of city council chambers. We want diverse candidates, who are proud of their heritage, believe in celebrating other cultures, and appreciate the differences of residents across the city of Chicago. We want candidates not only concerned with their Ward residents, but want to figure out ways to lift up other wards because we are one Chicago.

Linda, we need you to fight for us, speak up for us, and protect Chicagoans from the same corrupt “machine” politics that have plagued our city for years. We need reform and you are the candidate we believe can be our champion!

Brand New Council was formed as a response to the Laquan McDonald shooting. After Jason Van Dyke was convicted of murder we asked candidates from all across the city to take a stand with Chicago residents and vow to be bold political activists in City Council if elected. We are so excited to have you as a part of our inaugural group of candidates to build a caucus in City Council and move the needle on pertinent issues. We can all live in a Chicago we can believe in and we deserve better for our neighborhoods, schools, families and for our city. Thank you for being a change we can believe in!

By accepting the endorsement of Brand New Council, you agree to:

-Term limit yourself out of office after serving 3 terms (12 years)
-Not accept corporate PAC funding (real estate developers, charter schools, immigration detention centers, dark money, etc.)
-Support campaign finance reform through City small donor matching
-Host public quarterly meetings in each neighborhood of your ward with constituents
-Support the Office of Violence Prevention city ordinance
-Push to establish an elected school board
-Push to create an official youth advisory board for each ward
-Create comprehensive policies to open community mental health centers, restructure TIF distribution, police accountability plan, and citywide environmental plan
-Push to close the pay wage equity gap for women throughout the city
-Universal Health Care plan for Chicago by 2022
-Comprehensive legalized cannabis community and small business plan

Paid for by Friends of Linda Hudson.  A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s Official website ( or for purchase from the

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