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About Linda

Linda Hudson at Podium Giving a Presentation at Trinity ChurchLinda Hudson moved into the 8th Ward's Calumet Heights neighborhood with her parents and three siblings in 1969 and has remained in the community her entire life. She attended Thomas Hoyne and Joseph Warren Elementary Schools, Chicago Vocational High School, and earned a BA degree in Business Management from Chicago State University. She showed an early interest in community service as a volunteer for several political campaigns while still in high school.

Once old enough to vote she registered and served as an election judge and poll watcher while continuing to volunteer in the 8th Ward. She currently resides in Avalon Park with her college-age son and is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ.

Her professional career has provided her with a wealth of experience. She has worked in management for accounting, finance, non-profit, private equity and telecommunications firms. She is a dedicated and committed community organizer. Her ability to organize and rally 8th Ward residents led to the closing of the Recovery Café, a methadone clinic that opened in the heart of the East 87th Street Business District without public input. While the clinic was open criminal activity surged in the area, but once closed illegal activities diminished dramatically.

Last year, she was one of the lead organizers for the “Can the Tax” Campaign, a community-led initiative that successfully pressured the Cook County Board of Commissioners to repeal the sugary drink tax. She is a founding member and current President of the Eighth Ward Accountability Coalition (“EWAC”), a community-based organization whose mission is to ensure that local public officials are accountable and make decisions based solely on their constituents’ best interests.

In 2015 she led EWAC in galvanizing community support to stop the placement of a medical marijuana dispensary in the 8th Ward. This forced the current alderman to withdraw her support and stopped the opening of the dispensary.

She is also the President of the Avalon Park Advisory Council where she’s working to bring about much needed repairs to the neglected park. After learning that the Avalon Park area had off-the-charts lead levels in its drinking water, EWAC alerted the residents and notified them of where they could get free water testing kits. There was no notification from our elected officials.

The 8th Ward was once a thriving community with successful businesses that were owned by people who look like us and others who respected us. Linda believes the 8th Ward has untapped potential and that all its residents deserve unbiased and better representation. Linda believes she can bring needed change to the 8th Ward so its full potential can be realized once again.

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